Web debugging

Technology evolves: does your website keep the pace? Websites appear and disappear: are your links still accurate? Security technologies constantly improve: are your clients safe?


Front-end debugging

Front-end is what your visitors see when accessing your website. If something doesn't work as it should then your visitors go away.


Code clarity

Many developers are writing the code without thinking that somebody else might have to understand it. A good practice is to insert comments in the code.


Back-up the code

Have a back-up of your functional website. That way, if changes result in errors, you can always get back to the last functional version.


Plan to scale

A successful website attracts more and more visitors. Be ready!


Functional APIs

Maintain your APIs. Especially when you depend on third-party suppliers of online `services.


Optimize the page

Mobile or desktop browsers: your visitors should always have a great experience. The trend is portable devices ...

Monitoring your websites

We can implement dedicated automated monitoring systems for your websites. When something goes wrong, you and your team can be immediately warned by text, phone or email.
Also, we can implement traffic monitoring systems, allowing you to know who your visitors are.

Happy Customers

Here are only a few testimonials from past and present clients. We hope you will join the club!

Thank you very-very much for solving the domain propagation issues of our online shop: sexy-you.co.uk ! Absolutely brilliant!

- Lisa C.

One can say straight away that these guys know their thing!
It was a real pleasure to work together!
Keep it up!

- Richard S.

Absolutely spot on! By simply decluttering the pages of all obsolete code our pages load up ten times faster. It does make a difference!

- Diana W.